way of the dinosaur

Millions of years ago Dinosaurs ruled the world. Things changed, they couldn’t adapt and were wiped out. For centuries humans have been chasing ever newer sources of energy, recently becoming totally reliant on fossil fuels. Made for a United Nations conference on renewable sources of energy in 1983, delegates were asked to consider whether we…



Choreographer: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoiu. Composer Nitin Sawhney. Visionary Japanese animator and manga artist Osamu Tezuka provides the inspiration for Cherkaoui’s TeZukA with a cast of nine dancers, two musicians, an actor and a calligrapher.


what if?

Short film made made by Lemn Sissay and Deborah May, with  musicians Gary Crosby and Peter Edwards, for the series of artists films Darwin Originals..  Broadcast on Channel 4’s 3 minute wonders.