Finding Our Voice

Eight musicians were commissioned to write and perform music for Finding Our Voice, a project which artistic director Genevieve Lacey describes as a “national portrait in sound”.  It’s a coming together of artistic creations and performances which tap into the Australian musicians’ own journeys into their heritage and which celebrates their own outstanding contributions to Australia’s vibrant artistic scene.

Each of the eight performances were filmed with two or three cameras with audio design and live mix by sound magician Jakub Gaudasinski.

Giving Voice, a series of short 'insight' films which includes interviews with the artists, accompanies each performance film. Links to three of them are included below.

"In Finding Our Voice Lacey has crafted something wondrous and beautiful, showing how genre-defying music can give voice to the human spirit, how it inspires artists to expand their creative palettes. She’s shown us the importance of place in that creative process from a night under the stars, to famous concert halls." Fiona Talkington, writer and broadcaster, BBC Radio 3.

MotherTongue Motherland
Ngapa William Cooper